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FEES (Financial Education for Educators) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project aims to build capacity in organisations providing financial education by empowering the organisations and their staff to deliver high quality training in financial and economic literacy. 


The project was developed against a background of low levels of financial literacy Europe, especially among adults: “ADULT FINANCIAL SKILLS STRIKINGLY” screamed the BBC news headline on 15 March 2008, following a report from Cambridge University that found a quarter of adults in 31 countries struggle to work out how much change they should get in a shop (one third in Italy, Spain and UK).  It also found:

• About third could not read simple line graphs of the type used to convey financial information (approx. 75% in Italy and Greece).

• One in 3 struggled to work out the price they had to pay for a product when they were given a unit cost e.g., per litre or kilo.


  1. Compare the preparation of financial educators in Europe, North America and Australia to inform the future training and preparation of financial educators
  2. Formulate a financial and economic competence framework for educators
  3. Improve the financial and economic competences of at least 14 adult educators to deliver financial education to adults
  4. Provide opportunities for adult educators to improve and update their competence to deliver financial training though an e-course in financial and economic literacy
  5. Create a course that could confer “certified financial educator” status.

Project Activities:


Joint training of staff from partner organisations to improve adult educators’ competence in delivering financial education.

Dissemination Conference

A dissemination conference in each partner country to share the results and outputs of the project.